Garden Atlas
One of the luxury collections by Phustone

Garden Atlas
One of the luxury collections by Phustone

Every project created by Phustone aims to live dwell with stability and respect towards flourishing nature. Garden Atlas is crafted with the most refined details of design elements that function in the spectacular way to let you truly live life to the fullest.

Garden Atlas
Pasak Soi 8

Bangtao Beach the new opportunities in the west coast of Phuket

Bangtao (also known as Cherngtalay or Choeng Thale) is one of the longest beaches on the west coast of Phuket, spanning 6 km. in length it is clean and calm beach. It’s a quiet community for luxury villas where you can find tranquility and privacy surrounded by flourishing nature and pristine sea.all major facilities are close at hand within a short drive.

Garden Atlas is located in Pasak Soi 8
which is more private and quiet area and all major facilities are close at hand within a short drive.

  • Blue Tree Phuket ​​​3 mins
  • Layan Beach ​​​​5 mins
  • Dream Beach Club​​​ 5 mins
  • Laguna Golf Course​​​ 5 mins
  • Phuket International Airport​ ​15 mins
  • Catch Beach Club​​​ 10 mins.
  • British International School ​​15 mins.

Blue Tree Phuket
Layan Beach
Dream Beach Club​​​

Laguna Golf Course​​​
Phuket International Airport​​
Catch Beach Club​​​

British International School 

​​​3 mins
5 mins
5 mins
5 mins
15 mins
10 mins
15 mins

*Standard plan

*The details of specification are subject to further changes and/or amendments without prior notice.


Tranquility and privacy amidst nature becomes the centre of your everyday life.
Every space in Garden Atlas is truly magnificent for your living in every aspect.


Garden Atlas is a hidden treasure where you can revel endlessly in the pleasures of life.
With its Modern Bali Architect, Garden Atlas brings the concept of “Contemporary” for its interior and Tropical Landscape for its exterior.


A luxurious rooftop pavilion, unveils the spectacular panoramic scenery of nature. From the forest surroundings to the teak ceiling, you can have a truly unique experience nestling in the heart of nature.


A little garden passageway is specially designed to function completely as a public area in the same zone. The little staircase is very sophisticated and created to connect a spacious living room on the lower floor with a Sala, the rooftop pavilion on the upper floor. So the public zone will be completely separate from bedroom areas. This unique design will provide maximum serenity and privacy.


The superb design elements of Garden Atlas, enable you to enjoy a unique and luxurious experience in everyday living amidst natural energy flowing through the villa.


With its spacious master bedroom, it is designed for your most luxurious living. There is a private living room and a private terrace, connecting to the pool.

You can also walk through the dressing room to your private bathroom and luxuriate in a bathtub, listening to the sound of water and forest.

Verdant nature is close at hand.


More than 700 sq.m. of land area, your unique lifestyles can be added and arranged from the standard room to your own preference room functions. You can add more bedrooms or change its function to be what you desire. Within the space of Garden Atlas, you can make the villa uniquely yours.


1/72 Moo 3, Srisoonthorn, Thalang,
Phuket 83110 Thailand
Tel: +66 80 142 9889
Email : admin@gardenatlasphuket.com

Website : www.gardenatlasphuket.com

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